Publish music on Instagram

Since the option was opened in May 2018 for Instagram stories to be tagged with a Spotify link, anyone can post music on their Instagram account. The possibilities of reaching other people with music have become correspondingly more versatile. All that is needed is the Instagram app. This is used to search for the song and share it via the Instagram Story.

Why Instagram?

There are a number of reasons why Instagram should be used to share music with others. One reason is that this is a social medium that allows you to share images with others - your followers - by saving the images to your account. Another reason why Instagram is very attractive for sharing music is the high interaction rate that exists on this portal. Another reason is the good social climate that apparently prevails on Instagram. Behind the scenes, care is also taken to keep it that way. That's something Instagram has over other social platforms. Another reason why Instagram is a great place to share music is that it's so easy to use. Just creating an account is done quickly. The platform is also free of charge. It's also the case that simple texts are written there and there is little or no rushing. And Instagram pushes the posts of its users. The website and apps have been rebuilt by Instagram accordingly, so that Stories are displayed more prominently.

How to showcase one's music on Instagram?

Since Instagram enabled Instagram Stories to be tagged with a Spotify link in May 2018, Instagram has become even more attractive. This function is now also used by musicians who present their new songs on Instagram, sometimes including a video. What you need is the Instagram app and the Spotify app. On Spotify, you then search for the song you want to share. After that, you press Share and then Instagram Stories. You can also write texts, add filters, special characters or emojis. After that, Your Story is selected and the story is then listed with a Play on Spotify link. Anyone who presses this button will be redirected to the video on Spotify. It is also possible - as with all texts on Instagram to use special fonts for the texts.

Followers above all

People who share music on Instagram usually don't do it just for fun. The goal is to get followers. And of course, this is what every private person wants, who simply links their favorite song to their own Instagram Story via the Spotify app. Because the more followers who like it, the happier you are, of course. For professional musicians, it is then the case that this liking can ultimately mean cash money. For this reason, it is important for many Instagrammers to have as many followers as possible. Followers can be found via hashtags. These ensure that the Instagram posts and thus also the Spotify links are found by other Instagram users. Hashtags are therefore a tool on Instagram that should definitely be used if you are addicted to getting more and more followers.


Spreading music via Instagram is fully in line with the trend of the times. If you want to share your favorite songs with as many people as possible, you should set hashtags.

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