Big Room Ghost Producer

What is Big Room?

Big Room is the genre with which EDM became mainstream. Mostly the tracks are between 128 - 130 BPM. The kicks are hard and bass heavy. With almost every Big Room track, as a festival goer, you feel like you have to jump at the drop. The build ups are designed in such a way that just before the drop a vocal says something and thus prepares the crowd for the total escalation. In the breaks there are most so-called chord melodies. These let the partygoers sing along or even take a breath after the "Everybody Jump".

Who are the biggest Big Room producers?

As in any other genre, there are producers who have shaped and developed Big RoomHardwell, who is also responsible for a few tracks as Big Room Ghost Producer, has influenced this genre like no other. Not for nothing he snatched the one in the DJ Mag Top 100 and was several times the closing act at Tomorrowland, or also at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami. But of course there are many more DJ's who have reached the Olympus of the Big RoomMartin GarrixDimitri Vegas & Like MikeSteve AokiW&WTimmy TrumpetBassjackersQuintino and many more.

Are there any Big Room Ghost Producers?

Very many! You can read all about two of the most famous Big Room Ghost Producers HERE.

Which Big Room Labels are there?

Once you've bought your Big Room Ghost Production, the second step is to find a label! But which one? Of course, Big Room labels are not as abundant as they were in the early 2010s, for example, but there is still a need because Big Room still works very well on the big stages of festivals. Spinnin' Talent Pool is an option, of course. Also, getting Hardwell's label Revealed Recordings a demo these days is also nowhere near as difficult as it was 10 years ago. Armada Music by Armin Van Buuren is also always open for new big room sounds. Otherwise there are: Playbox, Ensis Records, NoFace Records, Alpha Records, Harmor Records, Loko Sound, Metanoia Music and many more.

What do I do if my Big Room Ghost Production is not accepted?

There are ways to get your single on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Deezer and co by yourself. So-called distributors help you with this step. Here you pay a few euros and can upload your single and earn money with it. The offers and percentages are different from provider to provider. Therefore, you should compare carefully. Popular distributors are for example SpinnUp, iGroove, Recordjet, Tunecore, Feiyr and many more.

Now you should be ready for the energetic world of Big Room. Go HERE to our store and get your Big Room Ghost Production. Do you have any questions about Big Room Ghost Producing, or Big Room Ghost Producer? Then write us HERE.

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