What do I get by buying a track at Ghostifyed?

You get the full program!

  • Radio Mix (mastered version and unmastered version). You can then immediately send your purchased track to labels or upload it directly to Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes etc.
  • Extended Mix (mastered version and unmastered version). The extended Mix has an intro and outro and is therefore perfect for your DJ shows, mixes on Soundcloud and to upload it to Beatport.
  • All Stems and Midis. Stems are the individual instruments as sound track (kick, synthesizer etc.). Midis are the individual notes/melodies of your track. You can then send these files to another producer who works with you on a collaboration or send it to a producer for a remix of your track produced by him..
  • All files are delivered in 44.1kHZ, 24 bit & WAV format. This is the standard labels & streaming platforms demand.

Do I own all rights of a track if I buy it at Ghostifyed?

Yes! If you buy a track at Ghostifyed, all rights belong to you 100%.

Will the tracks be sold multiple times?

No! Every track you get in our shop is unique and belongs with all its rights to you 100%.

Will I get a „Copyright transfer“ contract?

Since we are a Ghost production Shop and not an usual platform (like many other Ghost production websites) all rights are transferred to you immediately after purchasing the track. No further contract is necessary then.

What payment options does Ghostifyed offer?

You can pay in our shop comfortably and securely with Paypal and credit card.

When will I receive my track after purchasing it in your shop?

Since we check each order individually, you will receive the download link within 12 hours.


You still have any questions left we haven´t answered yet? Fell free to get in touch with us by using our contact form. We are looking forward to help you.