Future Rave Ghost Production

Are you looking for a Future Rave Ghost Producer? Here we are! No matter what style: Here you will find your personal Future Rave Ghost Production.

Future Rave History

Future Rave is a music genre, which was created by David Guetta & Morten. The tracks are all in the 126 BPM range and combine classic synthesizers with a unique groove. So far, the genre is still very young and trying to fight its way onto the big stages of the festival world. So with us you are already secured for the future.

Why Ghostifyed?

It doesn't matter what kind of sound you like: You've come to the right place! Only Ghostifyed offers you the "Ready to Release - Package": Radio Mix, Extended Mix, all Midi's and all Stems. So you are ready for Beatport, but also for Spotify. Of course, all rights go 100% to you. So: Your track, your success, your income.


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